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Pro X Sports Performance training provides a dynamic and comprehensive approach to athletic development. Our Sports Performance classes, lasting 90 minutes, offer a well-rounded training experience, combining speed and agility exercises with strength training. With a focus on age-specific programming, the juniors classes are tailored specifically for athletes under the age of 11, ensuring that younger athletes receive appropriate training and instruction.
This holistic approach enhances athletes’ overall performance and helps them develop the necessary skills and conditioning to excel in their respective sports. Whether attending the juniors classes or the sports performance classes, athletes of all ages can expect expert guidance and a supportive environment that nurtures their growth and development.



Without proper body movement, athletes will find difficulty improving their skill. The Sports Performance Assessment is designed as the initial step prior to starting classes to detect potential deficiencies in the athlete’s ability to move in ways specific to their sport and why the deficiency is present.

Aspects of movement such as upper/lower body strength and flexibility, core strength, balance, hip mobility and spinal mobility and stabilization are just some of the items tested.  Upon completion of the screen, suggested corrections are provided.  These findings and their corrections are crucial for injury prevention and maximizing the ability to train and perform at any given sport.

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Sports Performance Juniors classes for ages 11 and below focus on developing fundamental athletic skills, with a strong emphasis on building running mechanics from the ground up. Young athletes will learn proper running form, footwork, and body positioning to enhance their speed, agility, and overall performance. Through age-appropriate drills and exercises, these classes create a solid foundation for young athletes, enabling them to move efficiently and confidently in various sports activities.

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Our Sports Performance classes employ expert coaching and tailored exercises to enhance athletes’ running form, footwork, and stride mechanics. These classes are designed for athletes ages 12 and up prioritize refining running mechanics from the ground up, aiming to optimize speed, power, and agility. By focusing on building a strong foundation, athletes develop the necessary skills to maximize their performance potential and reduce the risk of injuries in various sports and competitive settings. Our classes are 90 minute sessions to work on Speed and Strength training for an optimal workout.

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