Sports Performance Classes


Sports Performance Juniors is for the junior athlete, age 7-12, with the goal of encouraging physical activity in our youth population. This membership is focused on movement quality, foundational movement patterns, self-organization, game play, introduction to what training is and most of all… fun!!

AthleticX Level I

AthleticX Level-I is focused on speed, agility and quickness along with building a robust foundation of strength, conditioning and mobility. This is where it all begins for our athletes. Building the foundation is key for long term athletic development.

AthleticX Level II

AthleticX Level-II takes the foundation built in AthleticX Level-I and brings it to a new level of intensity and focus. This phase emphasizes the biomechanics of sprinting along with strength & conditioning aimed at meeting those biomechanical demands. Athletes in Level-II will be introduced to concepts and methods used with our professional level athletes and must be fully prepared to adopt a professional mindset & approach to training.

AthleticX Level III

AthleticX Level-III is where you put it all together! At this┬álevel we begin 100% personalized programming based on a thorough medical & performance assessment. Every athlete is being prescribed the exact exercise, volume and intensity needed for their specific needs and goals. Level-III also includes 1080 Sprint overspeed development, which is the pinnacle in our speed development program — as well as Velocity Based Training in the weight room. AthleticX Level-III revolves around RESULTS and accomplishing goals that will absolutely change your game.