Online Training Membership

This is the ultimate in distance training services through online programming using the Train Heroic app for iOS and Android.  Our online training provides an avenue for obtaining a customized program for your specific needs in regards to your schedule, equipment available, and fitness/sports goals.  Dr Jamey Gordon, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS will review your goals and specifications and create 3 month program for you to follow using the Train Heroic app.  Through this app you will be able to track your session, progress, get instructional videos, and track your readiness through a built-in survey scoring before each workout.


  • Fully individualized – tell us how many days you wish to workout and how much time you have each session
  • Goal oriented – you tell us what your are training for so we can help you train efficiently and safely
  • App for ease of training and tracking and giving video instruction
  • Integrated testing in the app allows for precise selection of resistance to match your abilities
  • Expert program design from a doctor of physical therapy, certified athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • Age appropriate
  • Sport-specific and position specific within your sport
  • Cardio training
  • Weight training
  • Plyometric / Power training
  • 3 months of Training – calendar to match your individually specified parameters


  1. Purchase the online training program by clicking the link below.
  2. After you purchase the online training program, submit the Athlete Questionnaire below.
    • This questionnaire needs to be submitted using an email address that is accessible on the device to be used for the training app.
  3. Receive your Train Heroic app invitation from Dr. Gordon
  4. Get the app and set up your individual account
  5. Start training once confirmed
  6. Kill your workouts!

Who Benefits:

  • Athletes of specific sports
    • Baseball/softball, basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, swimming, runners, etc.
  • Athletes with specific goals
    • Increase jumping, throwing velocity, speed, etc
  • Individuals with fitness goals but want/need guidance
  • Individuals who have schedule challenges and cannot work with a professional
  • Athletes who want to improve fitness but still want to keep specific to their sport(s)
  • Multisport athletes who need help merging their training to benefit each sport

Athlete Questionnaire