Summer Camps

Baseball/Softball Camp

Get Better This Summer

Pro X’s Summer Baseball Camp is the perfect opportunity for young athletes to develop their skills, compete at a high level, and have fun in the process. With top notch instructors who are passionate about the game, campers will receive expert guidance on all aspects of the sport, from batting and pitching to fielding and base running. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to take their game to the next level, Pro X’s Summer Baseball Camp is the place to be.
Football Camp

Powered by X-Factor

Pro X’s Summer Football Camp powered by X Factor is the premier experience for young athletes who are looking to improve their skills on the field. Campers will receive top-notch instruction from some of the best coaches in the industry. This  camp is designed to help players of all skill levels develop their abilities (passing, running, and tackling & more). The camp is focused on fostering a positive and supportive environment, all while competing.
Xtreme Camp

Baseball & Football

For athletes looking for an Xtreme summer experience, Athletes can sign up for both sports.  By participating in both camps, athletes can improve their skills in multiple sports while building endurance, strength, and agility. Whether your child is an aspiring two-sport athlete or simply looking for an exciting challenge this summer, Pro X’s combined baseball and football camps offer an unbeatable Xtreme experience.

Weekly Schedule


Week 1 & 3 (June 5-8, June 19-22)

  • 9am-12pm Football Camp
  • 12pm-1pm Lunch (Bring Your Own)
  • 1pm-4pm Baseball Camp

Week 2 & 4 (June 12-15, June 26-29)

  • 9am-12pm Baseball Camp
  • 12pm-1pm Lunch (Bring Your Own)
  • 1pm-4pm Football Camp



Daily Price (Member Price in Parentheses)

  • Baseball or Football ONLY $62.50 ($50)
  • XTREME $112.50 ($90)

Weekly Price: Any 1 week of Camp

  • Baseball or Football ONLY $218.75/wk ($175/wk)
  • XTREME $437.50/wk ($350/wk)

All Summer: All 4 weeks of Camp

  • Baseball or Football ONLY $750 ($600)
  • XTREME  $1500 ($1200)



  • Develop
    • Each Day will consist of drill work/skill work in multiple different avenues of each sport, allowing our athletes to get hands on training for the specific skills they need to get better!
  • Compete
    • Athletes will compete in a number of things on a daily basis. Some drill work focused, some game, free play focused.
  • FUN
    • This summer camp is designed to be fun, some days we may finish with capture the flag, or dodgeball, or some game other than baseball or football to keep our athletes always engaged.