Performance Assessments



Jake Beiting has been working with some of the best athletes in the world and he understands the importance of regular assessments for any athlete. It is imperative to honestly evaluate a true snapshot of each athlete’s current physical condition and equally as important to have consistent re-testing to provide confirmation that your training is truly producing results. These Performance Assessments are designed to measure the physical progress each individual athlete is making over time, as well as show how they compare to peers their age.

EXCLUSIVE to Pro X and our clients, athletes can now receive a detailed assessment on-site in our facility with Jake each month. At the end of each assessment, the athlete will receive an extremely detailed analytical report of the data collected, along with an overall summary of their athletic performance.

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Without proper body movement, athletes will find difficulty improving their skill. The Sports Movement Screen is designed to detect potential deficiencies in the athlete’s ability to move in ways specific to their sport and why the deficiency is present.

Aspects of movement such as upper/lower body strength and flexibility, core strength, balance, hip mobility and spinal mobility and stabilization are just some of the items tested.  Upon completion of the screen, suggested corrections are provided.  These findings and their corrections are crucial for injury prevention and maximizing the ability to train and perform at any given sport.

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