Baseball and Softball Private Hitting

Step One

Bio-Mechanical 3D Swing Evaluation

Step one requires a bio-mechanical swing evaluation that will provide 3D data measurements on swing speed, body rotation and bend, peak speeds, as well as time to contact.  This data gathering evaluation establishes a proper baseline for all future private training sessions.

Step Two

Data Analysis | Swing Review

During step two, the bio-mechanical 3D swing data is analyzed to further build upon any established goals and training milestones.  It is at this step when the proper drills, training regimen, frequency, and personalized programming takes shape for each athlete.

Step Three

Athlete Placement | Future Sessions

The final step for our new athletes is being placed with an instructor with whom you can rely on to provide your future private hitting sessions.  Each athlete can expect to have their own customized swing progression based upon the results of their bio-mechanical swing evaluation and their own development.



During a hitting evaluation, we take time to learn about each athlete and begin discussions of their personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses.  Athletes can further expect to receive a full review of their swing mechanics – breaking down each athlete’s kinematic sequence to maximize efficiency and power of the swing.  The primary goal of this session is to accurately record the required data and evaluate the swing to further establish the appropriate training program necessary to maximize the athlete’s swing.

Whether you are a new athlete looking to schedule your initiation evaluation, or a returning athlete looking for a bio-mechanical refresher, this is the perfect service to gain a further insight to your personal metrics.



Following the initial bio-mechanical evaluation, the Pro X staff will build a comprehensive training program based on the recorded metrics and 3D swing data – all built to the athlete’s specific movement qualities.  During this phase, the athlete will work with the Pro X staff to determine next steps, establish goals, and create a shared level of understanding to ensure expectations are fully aligned.



In order to maximize the process, each athlete will be expected to work with their instructor on a recurring basis to ensure training programs are being executed and implemented as discussed during the initial evaluation period.

Whether you are looking to schedule your next private training session or want to check our instructor availability, reserve your spot today.