Baseball Private Pitching

Step One

Pitching Evaluation

Step one requires a complete pitching evaluation that will provide foundation-level information as it relates to bio-mechanics, throwing motion, and generally how each athlete moves their body through the pitching/throwing motion.  This data gathering evaluation establishes a proper baseline for all future private training sessions.

Step Two

Data Analysis | Throwing Review

During step two, the pitching evaluation data is analyzed to further build upon any established goals and training milestones.  It is at this step when the proper drills, training regimen, frequency, and personalized programming takes shape for each athlete.

Step Three

Athlete Placement | Future Sessions

The final step for our new athletes is being placed with an instructor with whom you can rely on to provide your future private pitching sessions.  Each athlete can expect to have their own customized throwing progression based upon the results of their pitching evaluation and their own development.



The Pro X Pitching Evaluation is performed by Dr Jamey Gordon, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS.  He is the Director of Athlete Development, doctor of physical therapy, certified athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

The purpose of the evaluation is to examine the athlete’s full body strength, range of motion, and ability to move to make sure the risk of injury is minimized and their performance is maximized.

The evaluation includes a physical exam as well as video analysis of throwing/pitching which will provide all the needed information to determine the “WHY” of what is going on with the motion and mechanics of the athlete.

If a physical deficiency is detected anywhere in the body, the athlete will be given exercises and a plan for correction.   The results of the evaluation are then communicated to the Pro X coaching staff to be used for instruction during lessons.



Following the initial pitching evaluation, the Pro X staff will record all the required information to build a comprehensive training progression – all built to the athlete’s specific movement qualities.  During this phase, the athlete will work with the Pro X staff to determine next steps, establish goals, and create a shared level of understanding to ensure expectations are fully aligned.



In order to maximize the process, each athlete will be expected to work with their instructor on a recurring basis to ensure training programs are being executed and implemented as discussed during the initial evaluation period.

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